The 5 Best Comic Book Characters

Comic books are one of the most collected items in the world and it forms a great part of ones’ childhood memories. The origin of modern comic books could be traced back to the early 18’s with comic books like “The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck” taking precedence at that time. As time passed by, it continued to gain wide acceptance and eventually, an evolution of how comic characters were perceived began. In the early 19’s, superhero characters like superman & Captain America began to take a front stage role in most comics releases. These characters where inspired by costumed movie heroes like the Shadow & Zorro.

In recent times, the comic world has not been what it once was and has somewhat been heading into a new direction with new comic release feeling like a refurbishment of previous collection, with great comic creative brands like Marvel & Universal Studios now prioritizing their effort on inducting this comic character into movies & TV series (like the successful sequence of the Marvel Avengers Movies, DC’s Justice League Movie and the resent release of the Black Panther that is smashing box office records), leaving less room and focus on comic book creatives.

Having aired that out, it still doesn’t change all the great intrigues the comic world have given to us in the past and what we hope to see from it in the future. While some of these listed characters might be underrated and might not hold as much acclaims with characters like Batman, Ben-10 or Spider-Man, their characters tells quite a story.

Here is the list;


  1. Sub-Zero

In the battle of the cold between the likes of Killer-Frost, Emma Frost, Iceman and a host of others, Sub-Zero comes out as the winner. The character has been one of the main stay in the DC comic series called “Mortal Combat X.” In the series, he is the younger brother of Scorpion and is often caught in a dilemma of choosing between the good and evil.


  1. Reverse-Flash

Come on guys, I know you would be wondering why he’s on the list, but without villains there can be no heroes. Plus, the Reverse-Flash (also known as Rival-Flash) is one character that single headedly gives us something to look forward to in The Flash Comic Series, as he remains a consistent pain in boot to the Flash. Some may even say, “He is the reason why the Flash came to being in the first place.” The Reverse-Flash makes the list amongst the likes of the Joker, Magneto, Darkseid, Loki, Galactus, Lex Luthor & Venom (who is just as much every bit of a Reverse Character- Reverse Spiderman.)



  1. Firestorm

He might not be the coolest superhero but the one thing this comic character teaches us is that two heads are better than one and you can accomplish more than you imagine with anyone, if you put your heart to it.  Firestorm makes among other characters like Johnny Storm (aka Human-Touch), Sun-Fire, etc.


  1. Wolverine

Logan, aka Wolverine. He is a conflicted hero, a very violent and tenacious character with a crazy temper. He makes our list because he is a perfect example to both adult and kids alike, that anyone who is lost in themselves, if willing can always find their way back to peace.


  1. Constantine

Take a breather guys. While I knowing some of you are like what just happened right now and that you were hoping to see the likes of Bruce Wayne, Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, Clark Kent or Tony Stark make the number one spot, Constantine is the guy, just barely knocking out Doctor Strange. He had to just be the pick for this spot. While it is always easy for you to predict that Iron-Man might come up with some kind of enhancement on his suit or that Superman will always be affected by an unexpected Kryptonite, etc. Constantine is the one comic character that always keeps you guessing. He is “Exorcist and a Master of the Dark Arts” and his character is found in the comic book titled “HellBlazer.”

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